TANIN Sevnica d.d.

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Address: Slovenia
Website: http://www.tanin.si
Phone: +386 7 81 64 460

About Our Business

The company TANIN Sevnica d.d. has many years' tradition at processing wood and production of extracts. In the many years since 1923 we have gained valuable experience and developed new products, which our customers gladly use and which we are very proud of.

Our managment and owners express their will for the whole organisation and employees to have good managing system, that would assure constant development and initiate improvements at environmental-protection problematics as well as protection at work of employees, which means:

- development and initiation of manufacturing processes with lower ecological burdening
- lowering health risks and safety of the employees
- better use of energy sources by saving and recycling them
- good supervision of waste, emissions in water and air
- good cooperation with the local comunity based on transparent cooperation

With the development of new technologies and products we will conquer new markets. We will create new programs, that do not threaten the environment but keep it safe and develop it.
We will carry on out tradition of quality and inovativity, create a successfull present and future.
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Legal Status:
General Partnership
Business Form:
Joint Venture
Market Orientation:
Market Focus:
Agriculture, Electricity Production, Wood and Pulp,
Year of establishment:
Company Activity:
Producer /Goods, Services, etc/
Tanin LES Biotan Farmatan
Additional Web Sites:
Main Markets Country:
Ivan Mirt
Direct Phone:
+386 7 81 64 460
Direct Email:
ISO 9001:2000 GMP+ Standard B1 BIO Certificate
Looking for:
End clients, Partners
Position/Name Email/Phone
  • Head of commercial department Mr. Vojko Strmole +386 7 81 64 416

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  • History / 27.04.10

    Back in 1932 a joint-stock company Jugo-tanin d.d. was founded. Besides the in-country capital the French firm TT Tanin's Rey had also joined the establishment. From years 1924-1925 the factory was in building, and regular manufacturing sta


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